Bridging Research to Practice with Visual Scene Displays (VSDs)

Six AAC scholars described creative uses of a visual scene display (VSD) approach to supporting communication. The webcast was sponsored by the Attainment Company, and hosted by the International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC). The complete webcast is available at

Christine Holyfield (University of Arkansas) 
Introduction to visual scene displays

Michelle Therrien (Florida State University) 
Using VSDs to support peer interaction during book reading 

Emily Laubscher (Penn State University) 
Using Video VSDs to support communication during play 

Nimisha Muttiah (University of Kelaniya) 
Training paraprofessionals to use low-tech VSDs  

Jessica Caron (Penn State University) 
Using the Transition to Literacy feature in VSDs to support single word reading 

Salena Babb (Messiah University) 
Using Video VSDs to support work skills 

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