Cartastic (T3, AAC Incubator)

Student design teamStudent Team: Steven Ciez, Brad Cronin, Justin Kinslow, Justin Smith, Lulu Sun

University: Penn State University

Abstract: The team has been tasked with modifying a child’s toy race car so that children having difficulty interacting with their peers can drive it using a variety of simple switches and communicate with their friends. The switches must be adaptable for a variety of disabilities so that the car can be driven with the hands or head. The car must provide postural support that can be modified as needed for each child. Additional features such as sensors to prevent collisions and a remote kill switch that could be pressed by a guardian are more advanced features that would allow the child even more freedom.

While other parties have undertaken projects similar to this in the past, our team will differentiate themselves from other similar projects by applying solid engineering and control systems principles to deliver the best product to the child and sponsor.

See the complete project description at

This project was sponsored by RERC on AAC as part of the AAC Incubator Initiative, and was conducted in cooperation with the Penn State Learning Factory.

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