Creating an international collaboration for synergy between AAC and BCI (Fried-Oken et al, 2016).

Melanie presenting at RESNAIn September, 2015, 18 AAC experts, engineers, computer scientists and neuroscientists participated in an NIH-sponsored webinar on creating synergy between brain-computer interfaces and augmentative communication technologies. At RESNA 2016, our plan is to extend the conversation that was started in September to additional critical stakeholders so that we adequately identify all important issues. The purposes of this workshop are to present our findings, and to engage the rehabilitation engineering community to further describe the challenges and opportunities that currently exist for BCI-AAC synergy. We hope to expand multidisciplinary collaboration and produce a publishable agenda so that BCI research and development for augmentative communication technologies is valid, reliable, and meaningful for individuals with complex communication needs and stakeholders.

Handout (pdf) 

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