Designing AAC systems to enhance language & communication development (Light, 2016)

visual scene displayLight, J. (2016, November).  Designing evidence-based AAC systems for young children to enhance language & communication development.  Presentation at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Conference, Philadelphia, PA.  [Presentation Slides]

Abstract:  This session shared results from many research studies to improve the design of AAC apps to increase appeal, reduce learning demands, and support language, literacy, and communication. Videotaped case examples are used to illustrate the effects of these AAC systems on the communication of young children with complex communication needs (CCN).

Discussion to include:  Describing the challenges of language development for young children with CCN, as well as the results of research to improve the design of AAC systems/ apps to reduce learning demands/obstacles.  Accordingly, this leads to implications for AAC systems / apps to enhance language, literacy, and communication development for young children with CCN.

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