D1: Access Assistant Software to Improve Alternative Access Services

Team Leaders: Heidi Koester, Susan Fager
AAC Consumer Team: Wiley, Cuttlers, Rogge

Challenge and Background Information

  • 2 million Americans have severe motor impairments.
    • Many cannot use standard access methods
    • They require alternative access
  • Many service providers receive minimal training in AAC.
    • Lack knowledge & skills to conduct alternative access assessment
  • As a result, many individuals with motor impairments are provided with access methods that are sub-optimal.


Man with alternative access

The new RERC on AAC will develop and evaluate an evidence-based protocol & software tool (Access Assistant) to support more effective and efficient alternative access assessment. The proposed outcomes will include:

  • Improved delivery of alternative access services
  • Improved access for individuals with significant motor impairments
  • Increased participation in education, employment, & community living

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