Eye-gaze patterns when viewing VSDs with a navigation bar (O’Neill et al., 2018)

O’Neill, T., Wilkinson, K., & Light, J. (2018, July).  Eye-tracking measures reveal how changes in the design of communication technology interfaces influence visual attention patterns by individuals with neuro-developmental disabilities. Poster presented at the State of the Science Conference of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (RERC on AAC), Arlington, Va.

O’Neill et al. (2018) Poster

  • Individuals who use AAC must be able to attend to and extract visual information from displays.
  • Therefore, the design of AAC technologies must be grounded in a theoretical understanding of visual cognitive processes.
  • This study investigated the visual attention to AAC displays that included a main VSD and a navigation bar, in one of four locations (top, bottom, left, or right).

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