Student Engineering Partnerships for Fall 2017

The RERC on AAC partnered with three student engineering Learning Factory teams at Penn State University in the fall of 2017.  All students were undergraduates in biomedical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering.  All projects were presented at the Penn State  Learning Factory showcase.

Penn State Students Software for Assessing Scanning Performance  with Single Switch Technology: The Penn State student team of Abdulmohsin Almadi, Sanyukta Baluni,  Mike Berezanich, Ryan Gleason, Alison Pastore, and Peter Rancourt worked with Tom Jakobs and Erik Jakobs (Invotek),  Heidi Koestler (Koestler Performance Research), and David McNaughton (RERC on AAC),  to address the challenge of adapting Scanning Wizard for use with beginning communicators. The students developed a working prototype that will provide an important foundation for future development work.

*Please turn closed-captioning on to view this video

Penn State StudentsScanning Supports for Beginning Communicators: The Penn State student team of Alison Roby,John Yeaw, James Youwakim, Michael Steward and Nathan Davis worked with Erik Jakobs ( Invotek ) and David McNaughton (RERC on AAC) to develop software-based instructional supports for teaching scanning.

Penn State StudentsModifying the EasyVSD app to Operate on Smart Phone Devices: Towards the Creation of an Easily Accessible Communication & Learning Aid. The Penn State team of Steven Godshall, Kevin Higgins, Alyssa Leonard, Joseph Miscioscia, Vivi Vo, Malvin Wij worked with Erik Jakobs ( Invotek ) and David McNaughton (RERC on AAC) to develop a modified version of the EasyVSD app that would support the use of visual scene displays (VSDs) on smartphones

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