Training needs in AAC: A virtual roundtable discussion (Goldman et al, 2021)

Goldman, A., Jackson, D., Kannan, K., Kanter, C., Klein, C., Marshall, S., McNaughton, D., Paul, D., Rackensperger, T., Soto, G., & Zangari, C. (2021). Training needs in augmentative and alternative communication: A virtual roundtable discussion. Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits, 15(Winter), 1–28.

Clinicians, parents, people who use AAC, policy specialists, and researchers, joined together for a virtual roundtable discussion of “Training needs in AAC”. Using the recently published survey from ATIA as a discussion starter, topics included

  • pre-service preparation
  • collaborative problem-solving
  • instructional roles for people who use AAC
  • mentoring
  • online instructional resources, including
    • ECHO AAC
    • AAC Learning Center Moodle
    • Parent blogs
    • Patient-Provider Communication Forum
    • PrAACtical AAC

The full article can be downloaded for free at the website for Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits, and a special page of resources (including a link to the article, and all referenced links from the article) is available at the AAC Learning Center.

I believe we need to make sure people with complex communication needs have a place at the table—in assessment, in setting educational goals, in training professionals—in everything.

Chris Klein in Goldman et al (2021)

Submitted to the NARIC database

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