T3) AAC Incubator

student teamThere are five goals for the AAC Incubator:

  1. to determine key technology barriers for individuals who require AAC and respond quickly to develop technology solutions to meet these needs;
  2. to provide experience in consumer-led research and dissemination activities for people who use AAC;
  3. to provide training in collaborative R & D in AAC for engineering students through capstone experiences;
  4. to increase awareness of AAC among mainstream technology manufacturers to
  5. support universal design; and
  6. to develop new prototypes to address the unmet needs of individuals with CCN.

student teamFebruary 2019 update: To date, over 103 engineering students have participated in AAC Incubator activities.


Spring, 2015

Fall, 2015

Spring, 2016

Fall 2016

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Fall 2017

Spring 2018

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