Using video VSDs in a vocational setting for a student with ASD (Babb et al., 2018)

Babb, S., Gormley, J., McNaughton, D., & Light, J. (2018, July). Applications of video visual scene display technology in a vocational setting.

Babb et al. (2018) Poster

  • Approximately 25-50% of adults with ASD are employed (Hendricks, 2010; Wehman et al., 2012) with the majority of these individuals described as “high functioning” and using speech to communicate.
  • Many individuals with ASD (20-30%) do not use speech to communicate and are described as having complex communication needs (CCN).  Employment can be challenging for these individuals, as research suggests that less than 5% of individuals with CCN are employed.
  • For individuals with both ASD and CCN, challenges with speech may increase the communication and social interaction difficulties in the workplace (Mirenda, 2014).
  • This study investigated whether videos integrated with VSDs would increase the percent of steps completed (and communication opportunities fulfilled) during vocational activities for an adolescent with ASD and CCN.

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