‘Crushing it!’ with AAC – Godfrey Nazareth

img_7178Our sincere thanks to Godfrey Nazareth (MSc BME) who visited students and faculty in the Family Centered and Consumer Responsive AAC Services course on October 5, 2016.

Godfrey began the presentation, entitled “Crushing it!’ with AAC”, by summarizing seven strategies that he has found to be essential to excelling within the constraints that complex communication needs impose.

Most notably, Godfrey emphasized the critical importance of “Moonshot Thinking”, saying that we must “think big, 10-100 times bigger than anything you believe is currently possible for you and your world”.

His creative innovations (including creating his own AAC technology), provide examples for those who are interested in the future of our field.

Godfrey’s wealth of technical and analytical knowledge and skills was unique. His perspective as a biomedical engineer, a technology consultant, and a passionate advocate makes his insight incredibly valuable. He shared his ability to identify and summarize the core of an issue in a way that helps promote understanding for others, who may not have the same experiences and understanding as himself.

Godfrey’s willingness to take “100% responsibility” for developing and delivering the presentation, which included pulling an all-nighter, traveling over three hours (and getting stuck in traffic), provided a very powerful example, and was greatly appreciated by everyone present.

A few particularly impactful quotes from Godfrey include:

 “The ability to truly forgive is one of the most powerful qualities of becoming an AAC user.”

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

“I have gained more than I have lost.”

“Live life to the fullest.”

Megan Hoorn
Ethan Richtsmeier
Hannah Young


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