Detecting Drowsiness in RSVP Keyboard BCI Users with SSPI (Memmott et al., 2016)

Memmott, T., Peters, B., Erdogmus, D., FriedOken, M., Oken, B. (2016, May). Detecting Drowsiness in RSVP Keyboard BCI Users with SSPI. Poster presented at the State of the Science Conference of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (RERC on AAC), Arlington, Va.

Memmott et al. (2016) Poster

  • Detection of drowsiness is critically important for BCI users with severe speech and physical impairments (SSPI).
  • Drowsiness could be a potential indicator for why participants score poorly during BCI calibration sessions.
  • In this study, Memmott et al. investigated whether drowsiness could be detected by using physiological measures such as eye-blink rate, theta wave (4-7 Hz), alpha wave (8-12 Hz) and P300 amplitudes.

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