AAC for Aphasia: A Review of Visual Scenes Display Project (Webcast)

  • David R. Beukelman, Ph.D.,
  • Karen Hux, Ph.D.,
  • Kristy Weissling, MA, CCC,
  • Aimee Dietz, MS, CCC,
  • Miechelle McKelvey, MA, CCC

Webcast Description
This presentation will review the research and development activities associated with the Visual Scenes Display (VSD) Project at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln .

  • The VSD interface will be demonstrated
  • The strategies for capturing and entering content for individuals with aphasia who rely on AAC will be discussed
  • Examples of VSD setups for specific individuals will be presented
  • Intervention outcomes will be reported.
  • Support Activities and Materials

 Additional Resources

Augmentative Communication News: Visual Scene Displays (August 2004)
This issue provides information on the use of Visual Scene Displays with beginning communicators and individuals with significant cognitive and/or linguistic limitations (pdf)

Visual Scene Displays (University of Nebraska)
University of Nebraska site for downloading Visual Scene Templates (link)

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