Online supports for preservice and inservice instruction in AAC (McNaughton et al., 2018)

MOOC posterMcNaughton, D., Klein, C., Caron, J., Brinkel, D., Tusler, D., Chang, G., Mandak, K.,  Gormley ,J., & Bhana, N. (February, 2018). Online supports for preservice and inservice instruction in AAC. Presentation at the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Annual Conference, Orlando, Fl.

David McNaughton and Chris Klein presented an update on the work of the RERC on AAC to support AAC training and dissemination for AAC stakeholders, including the development of a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) in AAC: free online modules on AAC for preservice and inservice instruction for SLPs, educators, and other stakeholders. Each module will include a video presentation; links to associated readings; a quiz hosted and scored by the RERC on AAC; a certificate of completion; and suggested in-class activities for faculty. We will present information on the development and testing of modules on literacy instruction for persons with complex communication needs, collaboration skills for AAC professionals, alternative access, and funding supports for AAC technology. The presentation included a full review of work to date, as well as an opportunity for participants to provide feedback and influence future development activities.

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