SmartPredict: AAC app that integrates partner knowledge into word prediction (Fried-Oken et al., 2018)

FriedOken, M., Jakobs, E., Jakobs, T., Kinsella, M., & Pryor, R. (2018, February). SmartPredict: AAC app that integrates partner knowledge into word prediction. Poster presented at the State of the Science Conference of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (RERC on AAC), Arlington, Va.

Fried-Oken et al. (2018) Poster

  • Using an AAC device for spontaneous conversation can be very slow.
  • The goal of this study was to develop a technology-based vocabulary supplementation strategy to increase the speed of message formulation and partner engagement by relying on partner word knowledge.
  • The authors developed SmartPredict, a novel app designed to engage the partner and still enable the AAC user to produce efficient messages while maintaining control.

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