Dynamic text in VSDs: Supporting word reading in a preschooler with ASD (Mandak et al., 2018)

Mandak, K., Light, J., & McNaughton, D. (2018, July). Dynamic text in visual scene displays: Supporting word reading in a preschooler with ASDPoster presented at the State of the Science Conference of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (RERC on AAC), Arlington, Va.

Mandak et al. (2018) Poster

  • More than 90% of individuals with CCN enter adulthood without functional literacy skills (Foley & Wolter, 2010). As a result, they are severely restricted in their participation in education, employment, healthcare, and society.
  • Typically, individuals with ASD  & CCN who are non-literate useAAC systems/ apps with picture symbols.  Eventually, these individuals who use symbol-based AAC need to transition to an orthographically based system. Currently no AAC apps support this transition from the use of graphic AAC symbols to the use of orthographic text.
  • This study investigated the effects of the Transition to Literacy (T2L) software feature, used within a VSD app, on the sight word learning of a preschooler with ASD.

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